1,435 stock footage created by professionals in Yemen

Why Stock Arena

Whatever you call it, using stock footage for your video project saves you time, money and also saves effort shooting new material. No more days spent looking for locations, equipment, operators and so on. Additionally, between hiring video professionals and actors, the costs add up.

Optimal Value

No need for hiring, coordinating, buying or renting equipment and traveling. Everything you want is located right in front of you

Instant Downloading

Instant access and downloading with few clicks right away

Many options

Variety of stock footage that serves your projects instantly


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Looking for the best value and quality at the same time. Stop thinking too much. We made it easier for you. Join one of our plans and get access to everything immediately.

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15 Credits
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Premium Plan
  • Access to All Library
  • Regular / Extended License
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • 365 Days Support
  • Assets Uploaded Regularly
  • Great for TVs, NGOs, News
  • Billed Upfront
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Yemen is Right in front of You

Closer than ever


Stock Arena (SA) system is the first and largest stock footage provider in Yemen. The door now is open for everyone to explore Yemen from anywhere in the world. High quality footage taken by professionals only is right in front of you. Right now, It is easier than ever to dig into every place in Yemen within few clicks. Not only that, This hub is a community platform that gathers the most talented videographers and Photographers in one place. This is to make sure that you are updated with high quality footage that serves your projects in regular bases all the time. Stock Arena is a result of solid experience for more than 13 years working in the most difficult places in the world; and because we do not want it to be more difficult for you, we made SA system.


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